Pricing System is a cloud base system that allow saleman to refer to selling price guide.

It has the following features
• Allow owner/boss to maintain and compute item cost price
• Allow owner/boss/supervisor to view the item cost price
• Viewing report on cost and selling price by items
• User able to maintain exchange rate
• Cost price invluce, freight, import duty and office overhead
• 2 level pricing:reseller/dearler and end customer
• Able to attached product picture
• Able to make announcement on promotion product and any events
• Able to attached link for brochure

• Salesman can refer to selling price online, need not refer to boss at all time
• When price changes, boss just need to change the price at the system
• Can make announcement on the system for special event, eg. Product end of line
• Boss can refer to cost price anytime and anywhere where there is internet connection
• Salesman can refer to price anywhere and anytime wherethere is internet connection
• Speed up quotation time, reduce boss "answering price" call time
• Reduce boss/supervisor "cost search" time
• User friendly and simple for user to use
• Improve customer service impression
• Time saving for boss or supervisor