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X-POS Pharma POS System is designed especially for pharmacy companies and is trusted by many of pharmacies of all sizes. From small clinical pharmacies to large retail chains, we work with you to grow your business, in control of operation,monitor sales and inventory to provide customer care while meeting government regulatory.

With poison items tracking according to Ministry Of Health’s standard, our system eases the job of manual tracking to avoid penalties. We dedicated our best service efforts to our pharmacy customers’ business and lead to the success. We provide you the best solution to take in charge of your business and growth your business with effective sales strategies.

Increase Management Efficiency
Full Control & Optimize of Inventory

Comprehensive inventory control allow user to optimize company inventory, thus, reduce inventory investment and storage space

Reorder of stocks

System will recommend you stock reorder level, maximum stock level and minimum level based on past sales history. Those stock that needs to order will be automatic generate. Saving your time to check for items to order and avoid loss of business opportunity.

Portable Terminal For Goods Receiving & Stock Count

Fast entry of receiving stock to inventory, an optional feature for good receiving application. Using portable terminal to scan receiving goods and update inventory. It is also able to use for stock checking, with scanning the product and input quantity to compare the physical and system stocks. This will safe time for hand recording and manual data entry.

Sales Transactions and operations

In and Out transactions of items link direct to inventory, at any time the inventory reflects on the system is well track. Cash and credit card sales will track by report and tally the physical cash against the system report by end of day. 2D barcode is incorporated into the system to bring better efficiency of the work flow.

Time & Attendance System

Track employee attendance to work and able to view and monitor the attendance of employees.

Drug Interaction check

Drug interaction can post serious threat to your customer’s health. Therefore, drug interaction check is important to prevent drug interaction error. System will alert the Cashier when customer purchase drugs that have interaction effect.

Generate Prescription Label

Our system can print prescription label which will safe manual job and avoid human error. Uplift the pharmacy image by professional look of prescription label.

Schedule Promotional Rules

Nowadays, many pharmacies run promotion campaign from time to time, it is difficult for you to track promotion manually. X-POS Pharma system allow you to schedule the promotional price in the system and set the campaign date range.

Government Compliance

Pharmacies need to comply with government rules and regulation. If manual tracking of these rules and regulation may result in slip thru and lead to penalty due to mistakes. X-POS Pharma POS System will help you to fully compliance with ease.

Expiry & Near Expiry Item Tracking

Selling expired product is a serious offence and loss of trust by customers, this lead to losses due to penalty and business sales. Our system provides an effective expiry date control at point of sales to prevent the slip thru of expired product been sold to customers. If item is expired, the system will prompt the cashiers. Reports also can show the expired items and alert you those items that going to expire.

E - Poison Book

Imagine how much time and effort will be saved if operator need to maintain poison book manually? This will free the operator time to record poison control items.

E-Tracking of Poison control Items

Each transaction made with poison control item will be recorded in X-pos system. Record information contain transaction serial number and customer identity.

Anti-Profitability Control

With the regular monitor from Anti-Profiteering Unit Enforcement (KPDNKK), the excessive profit traders will be in the risk. XPOS Pharma System monitors your price and alert you when there is any price that exceed the allowable mark-up percentage.

Customer Care

Customers are the king, provide comforts, trust and good service is the way that create long term customer loyalty. XPOS provide features that make your customer trusted in your shop and gain useful information


Make your customer a member of your business, give discount and send them useful information such as promotions and latest useful product to them. Fast register of membership using My-card registration which reduce registration time with accurate information. This also give you an idea how many loyal customers that you have.

Membership point viewing online

Members can view their point via smart phone, this will provide convenience to customers.

Customer Health History

System record your customer health history and chronic disease. Create customer loyalty with you when the company able to retrieve their medical history and know what they purchase before.

Email & SMS

Get connected with your current customer with email and SMS using XPOS Pharma, this will be automated, and the massage can be promotion notice, birthday wishes, product seminar announcement and etc.

Double Screen Monitor

The advantage of double screen monitor enables the customer to view their purchase item price during the sales transaction at the counter. When there is no transaction, the second screen also can display advertisement or promotion, you can ask for advertisement fees or sponsorship from the supplier.

Customers or Business Partners On-line Ordering

Allow your customers or business partners to order online at their own convenience. Make online order, and pick up from shop as soon as arrival to the shop, this will save them time for waiting and look for products.

Cloud Base Report, Web Viewing – Anytime, Anywhere

With the highly competitive business environment information must be fast and updated and able to be access immediately, so that managers can make fast management and strategy decisions with relevant information

Sales Report Viewing

Sales report viewing allow you to know your current sales status so that you can monitor your business remotely.

Profit Report of Branches

Read your profit report at a glance, see how your company sales growth with real time. This allow you to have a quick monitor of business activities.

Quick View of Stock Balance

Can view your stock balance online or if you have multiple outlets, you also can have a quick glance on the web. This allow you to check your stock anywhere you are.